A new life is a good life!

There’s new life on the farm and she’s just too beautiful! Seeing a newborn baby is such a blissful experience, no matter what species. While I was watching Felicia (that’s what we named her as her father’s name is Shrek and Felicia is Shrek’s only daughter’s name) on her first day on planet earth, all I could think was that all that she’s experiencing now is what she learns to adapt as normal. That this is it. There’s no past. No expectations. No better days. No better memories. This is life.

She doesn’t know that the available food is actually very poor and low in nutrition due to the drought or that winters shouldn’t be this warm. As comfortable or uncomfortable life might be to her parents and siblings (or us) at this moment, for her this is just it and she deals with it. All she cares about is her mom and her milk. She’s new. She’s fresh. To her there is no such thing as greener grass on the other side as grass to her is brown. On either side. And even though this might sounds a bit sad, it had a positive effect on me.

I can’t believe Felicia inspired me. And yet again, I feel so strongly that we are all animals.


To close it off with: one extra picture of one of our beautiful Nguni cows!

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